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I've been reading casually since 2015. My reading strengths are nuanced interpretations of individual cards, and finding connections between different cards in a reading.

I consider myself a non-traditional reader: I am comfortable doing readings over the internet, I don't think cards are inherently spiritual or sacred, and I don't think you need to believe that either! I see Tarot as primarily a self-reflection tool. Any deeper connection is no more or less than our Universe always has with us.

My personal policy when reading is to remain gender neutral, queer (including ace) and polyamory positive, and not to assume anything about my querents. 

Every reading will include a thorough typed reading (unless done in person) including card photos, names, and interpretations. This can be emailed or shared on Google Drive. Clarifying cards can be requested during or after a reading for $1.50!

Readings are not done until payment is received! At that point they enter my queue.


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